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Situated 150 meter

Moon Palace
     Situated 150 meters from South brasaeatophnomchisaur an ancient tunnel since long ago for a variety of contemplative Brahmin by justice and a way for you to get toilet cyclone meditation justice.
    Current entrance was blocked by a large rock can not go any longer. These are caused by the ousted bomb last war years 1970 current monk Commission acharyovot along with Buddhist environment computer Achars has built a sanctuary, one of the entrance made of concrete Armenian bumpy brick Carroll and have a statutory Buddha and accessories are the hero for the guests respect pray for peace.
    After visiting the leisure entertainment and research and then give tourists canceled eyes to the south and east, you'll see view the beauty of the fields, a large bleakest dach_kantouyophnek in dry and has a lush green color of gold in the rainy season - the dry That's constituency development of agro-tourism Hun Sen's Phnom Chiso under the creation of Samdech Techo Hun Sen as leader London wise. There'll be castles Sen. Thmole, temples Sen. phouveang, which all visitors are visiting directly from those sites by down the hill from stair either. The ancient stair in front of the castle are not very steep down.
   After visiting the potential guest Phnom Chiso finished breakfast in the mountains through iced food shops on foot or on a mountain with a friendly service and fast. After dinner completed, visitors will proceed from any stair to another location to visit the premises of the following:

  D. Temple Sen teeth and Tymoshenko palace ruins
      Both castles built in the era with brasaeatophnomchisaur on the way to highlight paddle shaped Cross, built of laterite brick and sandstone. Today, the two temples are a large number of divisions.
        . Development of agro-tourism Hun Sen's Phnom Chiso
            Situated east Chiso mountain village method of intersection between the District Baptist and Preykabas area of ​​this quality to the fields, vast on the flats and have irrigation complexes spread over land srebreang 313 hectares of land srevossaa 1.386 hectares. There tubs big 03 places straight "thnosa Takong Tuol dove and Sen. peaream" establish a system of roads flexible covered by mlobchheu hundreds of loving tone very trachhungotrachhei.
          This makes people resident near the site Phnom Chiso some business travel services added in the resort.
      F. weaving crafts
          Craft weavers in the village which is located near the resort of occupation, the citizens were fishing crafts minor such as handicrafts made baskets bangki make the Chrot, clay, weaving. Etc., In which textile is business leading special brothers in geographic price District.
     With the support of the NGO Khu C. A. O, those people were woven silk sarong good learning experience and high quality.
 After visiting the leisure entertainment and research already completed
When guests leave the town Takeo tourists will have visited the beautiful scenery and all streets must be girly have them yet. Located along either side of the road we see some villages residents loving homes built procession lined some wooden tiled or zinc or Sophie Hebron cement, some made of concrete and bricks, there are large, small, low-high, some built on the ground and some high from the ground, the situation's resources each of which house them accompanied by fruit trees such as mango, longan banana, papaya, orange .... etc., We can make Heller assessment about the standard of citizens from day to day was the height gradually. If we look beyond the field, we see a long dizzying look like cubic grid, accompanied by bushes preirbaoh at this particular piece of a piece of houses palm trees along the dikes. This view, if we encounter hitting khevossaa field is filled with lush color lobby will become more like the golden carpet for ripening. We continue to move forward, forgetting the inevitable place many important place in parallel with streets such as wild soybean tourist mountain kite market Laver has passed was over but something in front of us, this is the market, tamarisk (Market Kampong Chrey Currently, there are two was Chas stick twice Road, while new markets were infected stone bridge in front of a little bit is a market which recently built a new distance of about 200 meters and modern than the old market). Upon arriving here, visitors seem to have depression fun than ever with girly distinctive focus on beauty aspects streets with one hand, travel, tourism arrivals are also closer members because at about 9 km will have arrived at the destination. Let us bring the feeling guests to look at the view side of the right-hand lane of the road once again away from this a little bit, we found a hill situated in the midst of fields, lush green filled with preirbaoh overgrown mountain that is Mount lightning. Slightly away from this is another hill is located in Mount Pearl Lightning seemed Anyone woods a large tumor growing center field fatigue hope Leah extremely quiet melancholy. On top of this compact top we found something they built temples left on the mountain daylight time, yellowish like gold, this is the top of the church tower of tepobranam Buddhist monastery near and far, were built to the cause of Buddhism. We turned to the south, a little mountain mane seems to be the company's standing khengreng crane looking fields, fields, lakes, and traffic to and from your people. On each side of the foot, we found the roof many phdong together constitute the village's residents likened such fauna monsters are concentrated bitty weaves the forest looking for something that we can not guess. Please chaolophnek on the backs of those visitors commit ty Marxism as seen hill one of the highest, and from the top it seemed there were something on it. Yes, on Uncle's highest mountain that is the construction of the temple an ancient called brasaeatbayng shave and mountains were also called Mountain Bar Young shaved too, named after the castle. Brasaeatbayng razor-size (10 mm x7.80 mm x15 mm) built on brick, stone kitchen krie sandstone During Bhavavarman 2nd century 7th year (639) in the style Diversity Prey Kuk dedicated to Hinduism, which has visitors - international always visited Research and relax less isolated. We continued fractions have 15 minutes more, then everything we've seen adorning found unexpected was certainly conspicuous places before we face. This is a big market and a downtown district Kirivong market is called market clusters, located abide times Road once built in the middle building of stone mansion Bishkek unsightly filled with spectacle lively bustle boosted high frequency day and night, these are the driver of the seller and buyer. Tourists should stop there for a while, to take this opportunity and buy the goods, for serving the needs of its particular fruits of all kinds because the market is located not far from the border, Cambodia - Vietnam (8 km) is the center in exchange for the goods to one another between the two neighbors. For goods imported from Vietnam, mostly Materials cosmetics and fruits of all kinds such as bananas, pineapples Kimlomouth jackfruit, longan Sary mangosteen rambutan ... and so on.

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